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Lean and Green Certification (3 days)

The Lean Institute’s exciting new Lean and Green program adapts tools from Lean process improvement to reduce environmental waste.  Lean and Green looks at waste from the perspective of the environment.  Through Lean and Green, participants re-learn the concept of waste, learn to see the environmental waste in processes all around them, learn how to reduce energy use, eliminate the production of garbage and redesign processes to recapture wasted materials that would otherwise go to landfill.  This course emphasizes exercises in the field, small group interaction and a comprehensive hands-on project in order to gain the distinction of Lean and Green Certification.  Lean and Green focuses on helping organizations identify ways to become more competitive and profitable through green initiatives.

Who Should Attend:  This curriculum is applicable to students from all fields and industries, with diverse technical, operational and/or transactional backgrounds. No prior Lean experience is necessary to be successful in this training. Those who are passionate about conservation will find this to be an excellent tool to get to the root causes of waste in operations.  Natural candidates to become Lean and Green certified are people whose current positions are routinely associated with or directed at problem solving. Individuals identified for this intense training should be those who will be expected to continue participating in improvement efforts after the completion of training

Objective:  The workshop includes intensive training and hands-on exercises that will train each participant how to identify waste and lead process improvement strategies effectively. Along with classroom training, participants will work closely with the instructor as a coach in preparing projects for delivery.   Each student must demonstrate, under the coaching of a Lean Institute instructor, the ability to implement process improvement using Lean methodologies. Upon successful completion of the project, the participant will become Lean and Green certified.

Topics:  This workshop presents strategies for adapting Lean tools specifically to environmental issues.  Each Lean and Green certificate holder will be able to:

  • Apply the basic Lean tools and methodologies of waste reduction to environmental problems
  • Apply the value stream mapping tool to environmental waste
  • Think critically and use data-driven approaches to solving problems
  • Apply Lean tools to track day-to-day process/project improvements
  • Report out results in a structured format

This program is funded as part of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce's "Oklahoma Green Project", and is available at no cost to participating businesses.  The mandate of the Oklahoma Green Project is to make this training as widely available throughout the state of Oklahoma as possible, and training can be held at any city statewide where there is sufficient interest to convene a class. If you or a team from your business would be interested in participating in this program, please contact the Lean Institute and we will add you to our database for this program.  We are very excited about this new program, and look forward to seeing the benefits that it will bring to Oklahoma's businesses.

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