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2/7/12 - Oklahoma Businesses Become Lean, Green Saving Machines

An article appearing in Distinctly Oklahoma reviewing some successes of the Lean and Green program and highlighting the cost savings available to businesses from applying green practices.



1/5/12 - Lean and Green Program Promotes Sustainable Energy

An article appearing in the OU Outreach Online journal reviewing some successes of the Lean and Green program.



10/23/11 - Lean and Green in Ponca City

An article in the Ponca City News detailing savings from process improvements made through the Lean and Green program at Ponca City companies. This article does a great job of looking at the program's methodology, and connecting environmental conservation directly with cost reductions for manufacturing companies.  Article is on page 4 of the linked pdf.



6/1/11 - Leveraging a Culture of Trash Accountability

This article from the Oklahoma Recycling Association (OKRA) newsletter details a less than conventional way to promote cardboard recycling on the OU campus: go through the trash.  See article on page 3.



2/25/11 - Lean and Green in Oklahoma

An article in the Journal Record celebrating the successes within AAR in applying green business principles in ways that also cut costs.  AAR's Lean and Green project has been a great example of how the program works: a great application of lean principles to green waste.



12/28/10 - Businesses Get Lean and Green

An article in the Norman Transcript celebrating the projects completed by one of the Lean and Green classes serving primarily the Norman community.



7/26/10 - New Program for Oklahoma Businesses: Be Lean, See Green

An extensive overview of the Lean and Green programin the Journal Record, interviewing Marc Jensen on the program's curriculum, development and successes of the pilot program.



7/18/10 - Lean and Green - Free Green Job Skills Training for Oklahoma Businesses

An overview of the Lean and Green program, inviting Oklahoma businesses to take advantage of this training.



4/24/09 - OU Lean Institute to extend program to private sector

An interview with prior director Terry Smith, detailing the Lean Institute’s transformation from an organization primarily serving  Tinker AFB, to one serving private sector businesses.



4/24/09 - It's been a Lean year

Training is typically the first program to be cut during a recession.  This article explores the Lean Institute’s efforts to help businesses get lean in lean times.



4/1/05 - 2005 Innovator of the Year profile:
University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education

An innovation award from the Journal Record, accepted by then director Dr. Clint Miner for initial improvements made at Tinker AFB after the establishment of the Lean Institute




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